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Pest Control Tips for Families and Business Owners

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3 Ways A Pre-Purchase Building Pest Inspection Will Help You In Future

A building pest inspection is one of the steps you should engage in when seeking to buy property. In the process, licensed inspectors will check your prospective home for structural damage such as dampness, leaking roof, settling floors, poor electrical wiring and plumbing. They will also check for pests such as termites and wood borers

Although a pre-purchase building pest inspection will help you decide if you should go through with the sale, the report can also play an important role down the line, even after you've owned the property for a while. Read on to find out how:

Compare the depreciation of your property for maintenance purposes

A building and pest inspection is not only carried out before purchase. As a homeowner, regular inspections help you to keep track of your home and identify damage caused by termites, dampness, leaks and other faults.

Over the course of your home ownership, the pre-purchase inspection report will act as an important yardstick on which to gauge future maintenance needs. You will use it to compare how your property has depreciated to determine how to handle repairs, replacements and renovations.

Identify dilapidation or accidental damage by third parties

As a home owner, many factors can lead to the ruin of your property. If your property gets damaged due to other people's mistakes, your pre-purchase inspection report can serve as proof that the damage on your property was not there initially. This is handy is your property has been damaged by third parties accidentally or through dilapidation (ongoing works nearby e.g. demolition or construction). Your pre-purchase BPI report will detail the condition of your house during purchase.

Solve property disputes with tenants and future buyers

A pre-purchase report can also come in handy when you have rented or leased out the property. In either case, you can solve maintenance disputes by falling back on your pre-purchase report to show the condition of your house before you bought it. This can help show who between you and the tenant is responsible for accrued damage/costs.

The report can also be used to settle disputes between you and the next property owner in future, should you sell the property shortly after. If the new buyer raises claims of having being sold a faulty property, you can use your pre-purchase report to prove the condition of the house during your purchase.

The above shows that even where you know a property is on good condition e.g. newly built properties, it may still be a good idea to get a pre-purchase building pest inspection. The report can be used for numerous uses in future as seen above.