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Pest Control Tips for Families and Business Owners

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Pest Control | 4 Clever Tactics To Prepare For Getting Rid of Pesky Bed Bugs

If you've got a bed bug problem, then getting rid of them is more challenging than you think — since they find clever ways to hide and can reproduce quicker than every breath you take. Getting rid of bed bugs will depend on the intensity of the infestation and the clutter in your home. Follow these preparation tactics and be sure to call in a professional pest control service like Surekil Pest Control to handle the bed bug problem as soon as possible.

Determine the Extent of the Problem 

Examine the infected bed and surrounding areas for visible signs of bed bugs ­— this includes shed skin and hatched eggs. Be sure to check with your neighbours and flat mates, because bed bugs can spread easily — especially if you live in a shared apartment. Make sure all surrounding units and rooms are inspected before the pest control service arrives, so you can inform them of your preliminary findings. This will help them narrow down the search area, based on your initial groundwork.

Prevent the Spread of the Infestation

Bed bugs spread quickly, so you'll want to halt this infestation as soon as possible. Don't move items from the infested room to a non-infested room. All trash items like newspapers, magazines and general waste should be sealed in plastic bags and thrown away. Make sure your dirty clothes are washed and put away — you don't want them cluttering your floors. Remove all cardboard boxes and items, because bugs can hide in them, and replace them with plastic boxes. Don't let any clutter hamper your bed bug control efforts.

Handle Furniture Carefully

Don't discard furniture that can be treated with pest control. If your furniture cannot be rescued, get rid of it responsibly — so it doesn't make its way into someone else's home. For example, remove furniture item stuffing and rip the covers, so it goes directly to the junkyard. Be sure to leave a sign marking the furniture as bed-beg infested. Arrange for the trash agency to pick up the furniture immediately.

Fix Damaged Areas that Serve as Habitats

Removing habitats for bed bugs is an effective way to stop the problem from getting worse. Remember that they live in cracks and crevices along baseboards. Refill all cracks and crevices and ensure your wallpaper isn't loose and your paint isn't chipped. Clean all your electrical outlets and caulk the edges to stop bed bugs from hiding behind electrical plates.

Once you have prepared your home for bed bug control, call a professional pest control service to get rid of the problem once and for all. Depending on the extent of your problem, a pest control expert may need to visit your home more than once.