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Pest Control Tips for Families and Business Owners

Hello and welcome to my anti-pest blog. Hi, my name is Corrie. I live in an old home in the middle of nowhere. Due to the gaps in my home and the fact that we are virtually surrounded by nature, all kinds of pests have gotten into my home over the years. In addition to the usual suspects such as cockroaches, ants, termites and mice, we have also seen feral bees and small marsupials get into our home. Through trial and error and the occasional help of a professional pest removal specialist, we have learned a wealth of information about pest removal. Explore this blog and learn through my experiences. I think you will enjoy reading, but most of all, you will enjoy your pest-free house.


What to Consider About Termite Removal If You Are Afraid of Insects

If you've just seen a termite and you are afraid of insects, you may be wondering which eradication method you should use. Ideally, you want the most effective extermination method possible with the least amount of insect contact. Here are some ideas to consider:

1. Tenting

Tenting is an intensive process. The exterminator comes to your home, covers it with an airtight tent and fills the tent with chemicals. The chemicals penetrate every bit of exterior and interior wood in your home, killing every last termite.

The benefit is that you are not involved with the process. You don't have to monitor traps or sweep up dead termites. However, you have to leave your home for a few days, and in addition to paying for accommodation, the process can be expensive.

2. Bait stations

Bait stations are a bit less intensive than the tenting process, and you can stay in your home whilst the exterminator baits the termites, making the whole process less expensive. Typically, there are two types of bait stations. One type goes above the ground while the other type goes below the ground.

When a termite finds the bait, he carries it back to his home where he shares it with his friends. There, they eat the poison and die together. In some cases, you may see a sick or dying termite crawling from the bait station back to his home, and this can be unsettling if you are afraid of bugs. To reduce these occurrences, consider opting for bait stations that go under ground. That way, the termites are less likely to be visible to you.

3. Borates in the nest

This method involves injecting borates or other poisons directly into the termite nest. With this removal method, the termites don't have to find and transport their own poison. Instead, the exterminator brings it directly to them. This is a great way to get rid of termites that doesn't involve a lot of exposure either.

4. Removing habitat

Finally, if you don't want the termites to return, you should eliminate their natural habitat. Bushes, piles of leaves or debris, or other types of foliage can all create cover for termites. Ideally, you don't want any plants touching your home as they can act as a termite "bridge" allowing termites to easily get to your home. However, if you are afraid of insects, you shouldn't do this part on your own. You should hire either an exterminator or a landscaper to help you.