Pest Control Tips for Families and Business Owners

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Pest Control Tips for Families and Business Owners

Hello and welcome to my anti-pest blog. Hi, my name is Corrie. I live in an old home in the middle of nowhere. Due to the gaps in my home and the fact that we are virtually surrounded by nature, all kinds of pests have gotten into my home over the years. In addition to the usual suspects such as cockroaches, ants, termites and mice, we have also seen feral bees and small marsupials get into our home. Through trial and error and the occasional help of a professional pest removal specialist, we have learned a wealth of information about pest removal. Explore this blog and learn through my experiences. I think you will enjoy reading, but most of all, you will enjoy your pest-free house.


Effective Pest Control Is Paramount for Your Restaurant Business

Pests are a known reality in eatery business, and if not managed, they can break your business. No one wants to dine together with ants leaking the sugar off the tables and flies landing majestically in their food. If you don't take control of the pest situation in your restaurant, you can quickly lose valuable clients. What's more, if health inspectors receive word that your restaurant is infested, they can close down your business upon successful inspection. Read More 

Pest Management – Tips To Prevent a Recurrent Roach Infestation

Roach infestations are one of the most common reasons why homeowners will enlist professional pest management. These critters can be challenging to get rid of on your own, and they need specialised intervention to eradicate them entirely from your home. Even once your residence has been fumigated, your property won't be immune to these insects. If you are not taking the appropriate preventative measures, there is a high likelihood of your home becoming re-infested. Read More 

Tips to help you prevent termite infestation in your home

When winter ends and spring starts, termite swarmers emerge from hibernation and start mating to create new colonies. The colonies are sometimes exposed residential property. The scary thing about termites is that it is possible to have them eat the home right out from under you if you do not take precautionary measures. When this destruction which includes eating wooden support panels persists, the structural integrity of the house is significantly compromised. Read More